Wednesday, 4 February 2015

7 Best Blog Resources for Learning Web Design

More people, web designer, freelancer want to study web program.
If you’re interested in learning web design, I have provide list of places to start web designing - 

SitePoint leans toward the more powerful coding aspects of building web pages. They have good free online content, and a range of books and other materials. Content for web professionals — developers, designers, programmers, freelancers and site owners.

Learn Web Design Online provides resources and links to tutorials and videos on web design and web development. Includes Wordpress tutorials, PHP tutorials, HTML and CSS.

Some free basic content, and offers a short course in HTML and CSS.

Web Design School provides resources for Wordpress tutorials, PHP tutorials, HTML and CSS and coding.

Seeing what not to do can be a great way to learn. Web Pages That Suck has been sharing the very worst examples for years.

Code School teaches web technologies in the comfort of your browser with video lessons, coding challenges, and screen casts.

Learn how to program drawings, animations, and games using JavaScript & Processing JS, or learn how to create webpages with HTML & CSS. You can share whatever you create, explore what others have created and learn from each other!

Monday, 2 February 2015

How to add Google Analytics tracking code in your wordpress Website?

For your Success, you have to know that how your audience interacts with your website. For this, Google Analytics  is the best way to know your audience is through your traffic stats.
Lets know, how to add the Google Analytics Tracking Code in your WordPress site.
3 ways of installing Google analytics tracking code in wordpress website:
You can add Google Analytics code in WordPress site by Plugins, Direct Paste or by Functions.php.
  1. Plugins Method (Recommended)
There are many plugins available to add Google Analytics to your Site, and probably, it is the best method, just use a simple light-weight plugins like:
Insert Header & Footer
Just paste the Google Analytics code in the plugin’s setting page. Its complete.

  1. Paste Code Method
Just go to editor, and select header.php,
and paste Google Analytics Code in your theme’s header.php right after the <body> tag.

  1. By Functions.php File Method
Note:  Use this method if you know what are you doing.
Add the following code in your theme’s functions.php file and paste your Google Analytics code in the given specific area
google analytics Acetrum

Its done. Now You can click on the Reporting tab to see your site’s analytics overview. It takes Google up to 12 – 24 hours to start providing you with the awesome site stats that you need.